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Everyone loves to have attractive items in their homes. We endeavor to provide that custom, carefully created look that adds a special ambience to your home. Every item available here is custom, individually-crafted, and made with locally sourced materials wherever possible. All of our products are designed to give years of service and are made only with the best materials available to us.

As with any item, proper care will go a long way to help provide the longevity you expect from quality products. If you are familiar with the type of care your product should receive, and our site does not provide answers to your questions, please contact us, and we will be glad to provide information related specifically to your products.

Because our items are all individually-crafted, and finished in the order they are received, it may take longer to receive your items than from other sites. We know individually crafted quality cannot be rushed. We strongly believe you will find the delivered products well worth the wait.

Currently available only in the United States.

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