Coasters - Chinaberry - Shot Glass (set of 4 coasters) (Bark ON)

Natural slices of Chinaberry sections. The beautiful grain and coloring will make a stunning addition to any table setting. The bark has been retained on this set of coasters. Coasters are not pre-finished before your order has been placed. It is possible they may need cut to size, sanded, and finished prior to shipping. Please allow up to 2 weeks processing time to prepare your order. Please select your preferred finish below (select only one option):

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Rustic Chinaberry Shot Glass Coasters (Bark ON) are cut from Chinaberry (Melia azedarach), a semi-exotic hardwood found throughout many US states, though not native to this country. 

These Chinaberry coasters will add to the ambiance of any occassion, be it a wedding, table setting, party, on the coffee table, or on a side table in your entertainment room. 

Nominal dimensions: 2-3" diameter, 3/8" thick. 

Finish options: 1.) sanded/unfinished, 2.) sanded/grain brushed with food grade mineral oil, 3.) sanded/grain brushed with Tung Oil. If you are considering staining or filling the grain, unfinished is recommended. 

Relatively easy to work with, it has wonderful grain patterns and contrast, giving it a great finished look for your Rustic Chinaberry Shot Glass Coasters (Bark ON). The grain is open, allowing for either a more rustic finish, or if you decide you prefer a smooth finish, can be filled with a grain filler; clear or color of your choice. 


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