Pen Blanks - Bocote - (set of 5 blanks)

Pen blanks made from Bocote lumber, set of 5 blanks. Nominal dimensions: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5". Your pen blanks may not be pre-made. Please allow up to two weeks for fabrication and shipping of your product.

Bocote pen blanks are cut from Bocote, a hard wood, found in Mexico and Central/South America. Also known as Cordia, freshly worked Bocote had a stunning tan/brown/black, which left unprotected (see below) will darken further over time.


Nominal dimensions: 5"x.75"x.75".


Relatively easy to work with, as long as you keep your tools sharp, Bocote has wonderful grain patterns and color, giving it a great finished look in custom turned pens. Turning this wood and watching the grain patterns change is a true delight. Tans, browns and blacks mix to provide intriguing patterns of grain. The wood is slightly open pore, requiring a sealer if you desire a true piano finish, or other slick surface with this wood.


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