Wood and Steel

Wood for your project may be selected by you, the client, or deferred to the selection of SawdustPaul, with client agreement/acceptance. We prefer using hardwood, and there are an incredible number of hardwoods with unique characteristics to choose from, providing an abundance of grain patterns, and colors. Also available are woods which show "movement" as a viewers position moves relative to the wood and light sources. Many of the exotic hardwoods available have a premium attached to their cost due to their scarcity, and the effort required to responsibly harvesting the species.

Options for steel furniture include types of fastenings; rivets, welds, spot welds, tabs... Finishes for steel include brushed/shellaced, varnishes, powder coating (if the project will fit in available ovens), distressed, rough cut (as plasma cut, with lightly sanded edges to remove sharpness), waterjet cut. Thinner materials can be hand formed, large projects with thicker steel may need to have a custom template built around which the materials can be formed.

All furniture produced at SawdustPaul is custom designed and made-to-order. Lead times vary, and are dependent upon the materials selected for your project, as well as the complexity of the design. In general, work is not started on furniture until an contract has been received and pre-paid. The contract will stipulate the dimensions, design characteristics, materials, and finish of the project. The design will be developed through communications between SawdustPaul and you, the client. After sharing information, including drawings or photos of your desired project, a written description of the proposed item will be furnished, with a price, for your approval.

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Steel & Hardwood Media Table

Media table created from 11 gauge steel tubing and hardwood (in this instance, pecan).
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Steel and Pecan Slab table

Steel frame with Pecan slab top
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Wood, steel, and/or wood and steel custom furniture by SawdustPaul.
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