Laser Engraved

Items laser engraved/etched with photos, text, or graphics, adding stunning visuals to wood, metal, powder coated, glass, and a varitey of other items.

Photos currently available for Engraving include auto and MotoGP races, as well as the images listed on the Laser Art Photo List.

Prices begin at $12.50 for a single wood coaster or Christmas orniment.

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Laser etched Christmas ornaments, aircraft images

Created from aircraft photos taken in 2015, these laser etched Christmas ornaments are a unique offering of SawdustPaul. Photography, graphics editing, laser programming, cutting and etching are all performed by SawdustPaul for your Christmas pleasure!
$12.95 $12.50

Drink Coasters

Drink and dining coasters, available in both raw edge natural wood and laser engraved photo coasters.
From $14.00

Laser Engraved Military Equipment Drink Coasters

Laser Engraved planes, trucks, tanks, howitzers etc, in 4 image sets used for drink coasters.