Non load bearing column base repair example

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Replacing two column bases that had been damaged by weather and insects.

These column bases were severely damaged from weather and insects. The homeowner propped one column up temporarily with bricks. New bases were fabricated from rough cedar (asthetic outside portion), and yellow pine (interior support). The new bases were in two pieces, one consisted of 3 sides, the forth side was attached on the job site. The non-load bearing columns were jacked snug to the top of their position with a bottle jack. The 3 sided base was put into place below, and screwed to the column bottom. The forth side was glued with construction adhesive, and screwed tight with 4” screws. All applicable locations were caulked, primed, and painted. Perrine Enterprises will inspect and assess any repairs as part of their proposal process, providing a description of the cause, extent of damage, and solutions as necessary.

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