P-40 Laser Etched Coasters - Positive Image Set of 4

Laser etched and cut coasters featuring images of the P-40 fighter. These are positive photograph etchings. These are etched from aircraft photos taken in 2015.
Delivery date: 1-3 weeks

P-40 Aircraft Coasters from SawdustPaul.com contains 4 images of P-40 aircraft, a different photo represented on each of the 4 coasters in the set.

P-40 aircraft coasters from SawdustPaul.com have been produced using photos I took of historic P-40 aircraft. Using computer software to edit out the background distractions (where appropriate), then creating a border near the edge of the coaster to set the photo in a frame.

These P-40 aircraft coasters from SawdustPaul.com use laser etching to place the photo into wood, producing an attractive reminder of some of the great aircraft of history. This is a set of 4 positive image  coasters, each coaster having a different image of a P-40 aircraft. This set contains only images of the P-40, other sets contain either 4 images of another single aircraft type, or 1 image each of 4 different aircraft (in the mixed aircraft sets). These images are available in either a positive image set, or a negative image set. The positive image set has an unetched area around the aircraft being highlighted, the negative image set has an etched (darker) area around the highlighted aircraft. The higher cost of the negative image set reflects the increased laser etching time required to produce these coasters.

All Aircraft coasters from SawdustPaul.com are shipped with a coating of satin varnish as the finish. The satin varnish finish gives a somewhat less shiny, less slippery finish to your coasters than would gloss, while still providing resistance to water/drink damage to your display worthy coasters. I do not use either lacquer or shellac on these coasters, as some drinks would soften these finishes when spilled on them.

No pad has been attached to the bottoms of these coasters. If desired, after you receive your SawdustPaul.com Aircraft coaster set, you can add felt, cork, or other underside coatings or coverings to your coasters.

Laser etching on wood is a real one-of-a-kind process. Even when careful selection of woods and plywoods is taken, and the settings on the laser are dialed in correctly, there are differences in the way each coaster will etch. Environmental conditions change, and can have an impace on etching, as well as differences within the surface being etched. Woodgrain patterns create not only differences in appearance, but differences in the hardness and density of the wood being etched. All of these create quite a few differences in coaster etching not only from day to day, but in coasters being etched side-by-side in a single etching session. These will cause differences in how every coaster looks in its final state. While the goal is to have every coaster look absolutely suburb, there will be differences between each one, so please take this into consideration if you compare the ones you receive to the ones on the web site.

My goal is to make the ones on the site look great, and the ones you receive look even better!

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