Pen Blanks - Purpleheart - (set of 5 blanks)

Pen blanks made from Purpleheart lumber, set of 5 blanks. Nominal dimensions: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5". Your pen blanks may not be pre-made. Please allow up to two weeks for fabrication and shipping of your product.

I list both the primary color, and the secondary color for this wood as purple, that is not a mistake, the wood has contrasting depths of purple throughout, showing grain in a lighter to darker purple color.


Purpleheart pen blanks are cut from Purpleheart, also known as Amaranth, a VERY hard wood, found from Mexico through Central America.


Nominal dimensions: 5"x.75"x.75".


Relatively easy to work with, as long as you keep your tools sharp, it will quickly create burn marks, especially if you let a dull tool rub against it. Resin buildup should be controlled using appropriate cutting lubricants for your tools. Though it has some interesting grain patterns in some of its lumber, its most striking characteristic is its color. The purple jumps out at the viewer, especially when finished with a clear, smooth, high gloss finish, giving it a great finished look in custom turned pens. This wood is hard enough that it prefers to make more of a sawpowder, that a sawdust when using power tools.


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